Publication Process

How We Publish Your Book?

  • 1) Get AN ISBN :-

    An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique 10 or 13 digit identification number that allows publishers, libraries and book dealers to locate books. Having an ISBN means that your book will appear in bibliographic databases that booksellers refer to help them locate the publisher of the book so they can order it. For your book, you may use an ISBN obtained by you or you may use one issued by us.

  • 2) Professional Editing,Type setting, Design, Indexing and Proofreading :-

    If you want that your book must gain attention, it needs to be properly edited and laid out. We offer all of these services but we had the most innovative Designing & Writing Services, you could arrange to have this done by yourself too. Yes, it will be a tough task, you can leave it for us.

  • 3) Planned Distribution :-

    It ensure that your book is distributed widely, both through offline and online channels.Your book will be available on all famous shoping websites like amazon,flipkart,snapdeal etc. This distribution service is provided as a part our marketing services. We also have the super flexibility of getting your book printed in desired quantities. No any minimum deadlines. Fully Customized.

  • 4) Planned Publicity :-

    You are your book greatest champion and we want nothing to hold you back while you market your book. For authors serious about developing their own book on their own terms. BookCuriosity Publishing offer the exciting prospects without compromising at all with the quality of finished book. It's your book the way you want it. BookCuriosity Publishing gives you the complete control on the final shape of your book. The cover, content and layout are all set according to your wishes. So, are you ready to be the next bestseller author ?

How BookCuriosity Helps To Publish Your Work


We provide online way to submit your work.Initially you have to complete your writing and then fill our online form and upload your atleast 10-15 page of your work.


After submitting your work,you need not to worry,our executive team will contact you within 24 hours and they will manage everything for you.


Our executive team will arrange a meeting with our expert team with you to discuss the subject matter of your work.


BookCuriosity will provide all the flexible way to publish your work.We will provide you all facilities like type-setting, editing, proof-reading, barcoding, printing, distribution, publicity, selling, handling and storage, all at very juicy prices.


After printing your work BookCuriosity will provide you the first author copy.


For the publicity purpose BookCuriosity will provide planned publicity both by online and offline means to showcase your incredible work.


BookCuriosity will provide the easy way for your work to sell in market.Your book will be available on all famous shoping websites like amazon,flipkart,snapdeal etc.


In this way BookCuriosity will help you to showcase your incredible work in front of world.


Are you ready to publish your work?Your journey of being an author starts now.............

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