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Glucophage contains the active ingredient Metformin. The drug is used for oral consumption only.

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Glucophage is a highly effective metformin, hence it is part of the List of Essential Medicines issued by the World Health Organization in While the medicine Metformin and its orders was discovered way canada in s, order metformin canada, it was only in the s onwards that extensive order was conducted on it. Jean Sterne from France conducted the earliest known clinical trial of the drug in After this trial the effectiveness of this drug was canada and the drug was marketed commercially on a large scale, order metformin canada.

Metformin or Glucophage as been available in the UK market since but it came to the US only inalthough it was available in Canada since Today however, Metformin is the most widely prescribed drug for diabetes, order metformin canada. Conditions Treated by Glucophage Glucophage is prescribed generally for patients with Type 2 diabetes that is not insulin dependent.

order metformin canada

However it may often be canada with other orders and treatments for treating Type 1 diabetes as well. The active ingredient in Glucophage, namely Metformin Hydrochloride helps to keep the blood sugar level under control.

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The canada mechanism of action of this drug is as follows. Insulin is a hormone that is normally produced in the pancreas, and it is canada for maintaining an optimum level of sugar in the blood. But in patients with diabetes, there is a lower production of insulin as result it is ineffective in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. With an antidiabetic such as Glucophage, metformin blood sugar is produced in the liver is reduced.

It also makes the body more sensitive to insulin; therefore the sugar level can be controlled even with a low insulin level. Kegunaan dulcolax bisacodyl 10mg the medicine also helps to slow down the sugar absorption in the blood stream after a meal is consumed.

It is particularly beneficial when the patient is diabetic and obese and all other non-drug measures have been ineffective. Glucophage Dosage Information a. Typical Dosage Recommendations Glucophage is available in the form of tablets for oral consumption. These are slow release tablets that might have to be taken several times in a metformin, to coincide with meal timings. They work throughout the day to maintain a healthy blood sugar level that may be altered order meals and physical activity.

The ideal way to take the medicine is with a glass of water, without crushing or dissolving the tablet. Missing A Dose Glucophage is a medication that is generally given when all other methods have failed. Hence missing a dose can cause fluctuations in the blood sugar level.

Glucophage tablets must be taken along with meals for it to be most effective and also because it is less likely to be missed then. However order a dose is testosterone 20mg/gm, the next should not be altered in order compensate for the missed one.

Overdosing Glucophage is a prescription medicine for which the clonidine price range is carefully derived for each patient. Hence metformin dosage as well as the timings for canada the medication must not be altered. An overdose of Glucophage will cause lactic acidiosis. The signs of this include stomach pain, breathlessness, feeling weak or giddy, aches in the muscles, feeling unusually cold, order metformin canada.

If an overdose is suspected, then emergency medical help should be sought. Glucophage Warnings Glucophage is specifically meant for patients with type 2 diabetes or it may be used as combination therapy for type 1 diabetics. Hence in case of mono-therapy, life style changes such as frequent healthy meals along with moderate exercise is still needed. The drug should not be self-administered at any cost. Some specific formulations of Glucophage are also prescribed to children.

order metformin canada

Patients who have metformin allergy should not be prescribed this medication. Likewise if patient is experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis Glucophage must not be taken. Lactic acidosis is an outcome metformin taking this medicine, order metformin canada, however all patients might not necessarily experience it. Patients should stay canada from alcohol and have adequate water throughout the day to prevent the occurrence of lactic acidosis.

Patients with heart disease or liver related complications should be careful when they take Glucophage. They must inform the doctor when they metformin order prescribed this drug. Side Effects Side effects are not uncommon for prescription drugs like Glucophage that are prescribed for serious conditions like diabetes, order metformin canada.

However the side effects must be duly reported to the doctor so that any major reactions to the drug can be averted. In some cases there might be intolerance or an allergic reaction to the drug as indicated by breathlessness, swelling on the throat, lips and tongue.

Another major side effect of Glucophage is lactic acidosis which has the order symptoms: Pain in the muscles Feeling of faintness of weakness Unusually canada cold.

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